In the wrestling world, there are a number of machines that are designed specifically for the sport. Given that wrestling matches are organized according to the body weights of the challengers, weighing scales are important for any wrestling team. A majority of wrestlers use general digital scales to assess their weights. So are there specific scales for wrestling? The answer is YES. 2018 has some of the best weighing scales for wrestlers, and the options are specifically tailored for the profession. The following are the popular categories of wrestling scales 2018 brands:

1. Locker Room Scales: These kinds of wrestling scales are heavy in weight, and are designed to be used in the locker room. The scales are robustly-built to offer long-term service. There is a range of options, and you can choose one that is ideal for your team. The scales are perfect for both official weigh-ins and for practice sessions as they help you keep your weight on track.

2. Portable Scales: These scales are light in weight and can be transported. They are ideal for the gym but you can also carry them to major wrestling tournaments. If you have a limited budget, the portable scale is a convenient option. A number of portable wrestling scales are certified, and they guarantee quality performance.

Factors to Consider before Making the Purchase

There are three major factors that you need to consider when buying a digital wrestling scale: the scale, accuracy, and price. When buying a digital wrestling weighing machine, the price is normally a key factor for most team managers. Nevertheless, the price has to be matched by the quality of the scale. The basics of accurate results come into play when assessing the overall quality of a good wrestling scale.

The scale should be NTEP-certified. NTEP is the body that has the responsibility of testing and certifying commercial scales. Rather than buying a wrestling scale from a general supplier, it’s wise to purchase from a brand that specializes in wrestling supplies. This way, your weighing needs will be taken care of amicably. Furthermore, a specialized firm will have an array of options for you to choose from.

Final Thoughts

The choice between a portable and locker room wrestling scales should be based on your specific wrestling needs and personal preferences. However, your ultimate goal should be to find a wresting scale that will not only get you accurate results but also serve you for long.