It is surprising to see individuals, who have recently converted from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, posting negative comments about the device even though they have purchased an e-cig manufactured by one of the leading brands of the country. They swear that the gadget provided them with an amazing experience when they first purchased it, but say that the vaping experience has deteriorated. Chances are bright that they are sourcing e-liquid manufactured by an unknown company. They should remember that the quality of the device apart, the e-juice to plays a huge role in providing the ultimate vaping experience. While one can purchase e-juice manufactured by reputable brands from online stores, most of them pale in comparison to e-juice offered by Vape Wild. Let us take a look what makes this brand stand apart from the rest.

The price factor is inconsequential as the e-juiced offered by Vape Wild are quite cheap as shown below:
• 10ml bottle costs $2.99
• 30ml bottle costs $6.99
• 60ml of e-juice costs $11.99
• 120ml of e-liquid comes for $19.99
• The 240ml and 480ml bottles costs $34.99 & 59.99 respectively

This price is identical, if not less than e-juices offered by other leading brands. You also have a wide choice of nicotine strength to select from such as 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Those who do not want their e-liquids to have any nicotine can opt for the 0mg strength. Make no mistake about the quality of the e-juices and this company only offers prime quality e-liquid that will leave you thoroughly satisfied. Each of their e-juice blends is handmade by their mixologist in the USA using the finest ingredients available. This company also includes bonus e-liquids with your order, allowing you try other flavors apart from the one you ordered.

Crazy and mesmerizing flavors
Vape Wild offers a huge range of flavors. Be sure that you click on their `shop by flavor’ to find additional flavor categories. Clicking on any of these categories reveals more flavors of e-liquids under that category. For example, clicking on `beverage’ will provide you with multiple pages containing exotic flavors such as:
• Red Dawn
• Mr. Tea
• Vanilla Cola
• Root Beer Float

Clicking on `candy’ provides you with e-juice options such as:
• Twin Mint Gum
• Swedish Candy
• Zebra Stripe Gum
• Bubble Pop

Keep on navigating their never-ending range of e-juices. If you still have any doubts, visit any vaping related forum and check the Vape Wild review posted by members who have chosen this brand as their favorite.