There are scores of nutritional products doing the rounds of the market these days. However, not all of them are successful. It is only a select few that go on to make a distinct name for themselves. 1 Up Nutrition For Her is a good example of a successful product. What makes this product effective is its key ingredients, which are BCAAs, i.e., Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are a group consisting of Isoleucine, Valine, and Leucine. These amino acids are a must for athletes of both genders.

These amino acids work by helping in both muscle building, as well as repairs. Now, as any athlete would tell you amino acids are the key to building muscles, as well as many other physiological functions. There is always the possibility of ensuring that you are getting enough of these amino acids through your diet. However, the better way would be to go in for a nutritional supplement like 1 Up for Her, because the ratios of the ingredients are scientifically mixed for excellent effectiveness. The preparation is also such that it is easy on your digestive system. You could take the supplement before or after a workout.

One of the keys to consistent athletic performance is the ability of your muscles to recover sufficiently after periods of training. This is another area where amino acids play a crucial role. The combination of Glutamine and L-Alanine present in this nutritional supplement helps in faster recovery. What this means is that you need not take long breaks in between sessions of intense workouts. You will feel energetic and fresh to go through another session, which won’t be possible without the combination of ingredients in the supplement. The ingredients are also such that women would experience fewer cramps, which is a key reason for success when participating in events such as triathlons or marathons.

The presence of the BCAAs in combination with L-Citrulline also helps in improving cardiovascular functions. This helps athletes to build up their stamina. The supplement also helps in reducing levels of fat too in the body.

Another important ingredient in the supplement is Sustamine, which helps to keep the body hydrated for longer periods of time. This amino acid also possesses anti-aging properties for the skin, apart from helping the body recover from intense weight training sessions. You can find detailed information on the product by visiting
The rising popularity of 1 Up Nutrition For Her is also because it is easy to take. All that you need to do is to blend it with water or if you like fruit juice or smoothie and drink. Since the supplement is already sweetened with watermelon candy, there is also no need to add sugar too. You just need to add water, stir using a spoon and enjoy the drink.